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Inflatable Stunt Bag

China Inflatable Stunt Bag Manufacturer!

Since the day when airbags were introduced in 2006, from that day till now, the need for safe airbag landing has grew stronger, which has also increased the expected number of freestyle athlete’s users such as; freestyle athletes, Olympic training, Hollywood stuntmen, engineers, and other more people who love jumping sports, and need this stuff.

Unfortunately, the more people need it, the less can afford it, as even the cheapest bags in USA or Europe might cost you above 10,000 dollars. Why don’t you get it from BigEnjoy Manufacturers in China? A place where you can discover an immense variety of airbags at a wholesale reasonable price in China.

BigEnjoy manufacturer – the biggest airbag manufacturing company in China. If you’re concerned about the safety and quality of our provided airbags, then I am sure you will trust us and believe in the quality of airbags once you use airbags manufactured at BigEnjoy.

Our highly advanced jumping air bag landing contains 2 air chambers which individually absorb impact, and enable simultaneous landings from 8m above ground level. All these products are exclusively manufactured at our factory in China, as we use the finest quality PVC materials and modern production facilities which make our product the safest and most durable of its kind.

Our soft and durable airbag jump is rapidly becoming the preferred alternative to lose foam pits at freestyle parks, trampoline parks, and gymnasiums around the world. We make and provide safe freestyle airbag for a myriad of sports enthusiasts relating to all skill levels; be it a complete beginner, professional, or group or individual, both young and old.

Till now, we have exported a gigantic amount of airbags to many different countries, and have become an integral part of the stunts extreme sports training all around the world.

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