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What Makes Our Landing Airbags More Reliable & Prominent In Market?

Guangzhou Bigenjoy Inflatable Product Co., Ltd is one of the leading jump airbag manufacturers of China who is manufacturing reliable and high-quality stunt airbag and landing airbag. In 2012 Bigenjoy Inflatable was deeply rooted within the airbag industry and release some new game-changing invention – the landing airbag.

As a professional airbag manufacturer, we always realize the need for safer training possibilities to progress without getting injured. We make sure that we provide a high-quality jump airbag according to the customer’s specifications. We test all products very carefully when it comes to development and deploy phase. Bigenjoy Inflatable main focus is safe progression which comes first for us, and we take very seriously. We are happy to have been involved in some of the most groundbreaking stunts in the world.

We are confident that our products are the safest, reliable and best quality of their kind. We have a professional design team will work closely with you to create a branding concept for your jump airbag.

Notable Features of Our Airbags

Some notable features of our airbags system are:

Features of the Bigenjoy inflatable airbags

  • It is two Layered airbags.
  • Multi-compartment air pockets.
  • They are soft and easily adjustable.
  • Advanced anchoring and velcro bannering system.
  • It has an air blower positioning for portable setups.
  • We offer the custom built system for your installation.
  • We use a non-stick top sheet in it.
  • Double/quadruple stitching and reinforcement’s features also include in our airbags.
  • Ultra-light and extremely tough purpose built materials used for manufacturing purpose.

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